[MV Review] K.Will- Please Don’t



I’m not really a fan of K.Will, but these song turned me into one. The beat of the song was truly relaxing, and i think it’s perfect for those who wants to have some sentimental moments with themselves. The melody was a mix of power vocals of this awesome guy, the cool beat, and the chill music that gave life to the meaningful song. Personally, i loved the part of the ”Don’t know why… Don’t know why… ” Well, i don’t know why. But everytime i hear that part, i just can’t help singing it. Not to add the fact that the vocal prowess was totally sending me nuts. This guy’s got the guts and the miracle in his throat. His voice is so fascinating. The blending and the emotional power of his voice, plus the music behind it… KUDOS.

And with the lyrics? I can only say… that it’s truly hitting the heart. The words used in the song totally reflects the feeling of a person who is loving somebody but will never receive love back from the one he loves. It’s like he is loving in silence, for in silence, he feels no pain. The chorus of the song seems like he is telling his one true love not to leave him, and somehow, even for a borrowed time he will notice his undying love and genuine feelings. The words that gave body to the melody is truly melting the heart. Somehow, the lyrics will make you reminisce previous heartaches, and you start remembering how you fell in love with somebody who never noticed you longing for him, and because of that, he unknowingly gives you the heartache you don’t deserve.

But what really made me fall head over heels with this song? THE MUSIC VIDEO. The story line ( well, it’s not really perfect) was totally awesome. If you remove the music, it can really stand alone, because it’s as if you’re watching a mini-movie. Starting the mv with a car moving through the road was AWKWARD, actually. Why not start it with something more melancholic or sentimental? Because you know, when i first saw the video and saw the car, i thought that the mv’s concept was somehow related to action. And number two, the lead guy was seen driving the car while he’s crying and is totally pissed, and the girl was like… jolly and was having a good time while having a NORMAL conversation with the one who’s driving. As a girl, i won’t do that. I’d rather ask him why he’s crying. Somehow, she seemed to be an insensitive character for him.

Then there was this scene where the girl and the lead guy were sitting on the stairs. The (annoying) girl was pinching the guy’s cheeks and pestering him, and the lead guy ( should it really be ‘guy’? LOL) became so pissed. When he is about to take his vengeance, the girl suddenly hides behind the other cute guy who begins to cuddle her. If you were the lead guy, you will absolutely feel jealous. In this part of the mv, it really made sense, and somehow, i felt sorry for the lead guy, hated the girl, and became jealous for him.

But i think what hurts the most is when the couple ( composed of the annoying girl and the cute guy) showed their engagement rings. Of course it means marriage. Try placing yourselves in the lead guy’s situation. You see your only love getting married to somebody— who’s not you. OUCH. Totally painful. It’s so painful to think that after you’ve given him a big space in your heart, everything will end up to be like this, your love getting married and you… are all alone. Lonely. Wasted. Brokenhearted.

I also found the picture-taking irritating. Why? Because it made my heart break. Whoa. You’re taking a picture with the couple who made your life miserable. Oh goodness. Personally, i won’t do that (i’d rather stab them to death ).Taking a photo with the man you love and the person he loves is will never make you feel comfortable in the photo, but instead, this will create the tension, and you will feel even more wasted. And actually, i loved the part when he tore the picture and he joined the cutie guy’s body with his. So cute.

The best part of the mv (and the reason why i liked it as well) was the twist in the end. As i have said before, the mv had a good story worth watching. If you weren’t really sensitive, you will really be shocked with the fact that the lead guy is actually in love with the cutie guy ( who i think is his bestfriend ), and the reason why he hates the girl is because he is jealous with her. Somehow, i felt bad when i saw negative comments about the video saying that the mv is so gay. So what? Personally, i don’t care if this has a gay concept, you know why? Because there’s true love, and the feelings of a brokenhearted man. The mv made sense, and even though these KJs continue to give this video negative comments, this mv of K.Will truly deserves a double thumbs up. The vid is full of love, and the story is very heart melting.

Because you see, love sees no gender. Love isn’t seen, right?

It’s actually felt.


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