Hyuna ( 4Minute ) and Hyunseung ( BEAST ) – Trouble Maker

This is totally sexy. There’s the obvious hint of sexiness in it, yet there’s still some mystery and some action, though i really didn’t understand the video. LOL. But in the end, i still liked the song (not really love) because it showed some more skin, sexiness, and the edgy aura that we don’t usually see on those cute or dance-filled music videos. In this video of Hyuna and Hyunseung, i saw two sides of sexiness.

With the sound, i really, really loved the whistle part in the beginning. It sounded so cool, and so edgy, and also mysterious. The part where the word ”troublemaker” is sung was also glued in my brain. It made me experience some LSS the whole day. I was so into the sound of this song that i was humming the melody the whole day. The song contained an undeniable sexiness and confidence that made it more edgy and seductive. Actually, when i was reviewing this song, i kept on listening to it for more than 20 times. And the finger-snapping mixed with the whistling sound, and the melody, and the confident and sexy voices that were singing… So cool and sexy.

Now, with the lyrics. The lyrics really seemed to be flirting the listener. The words that the song has were totally sending me nuts. I mean, when you think of the words in it, the word ”sex” came inside my mind. I know it sounded so, ugh. But i was really in awe with Hyuna’s part where there was a line that talked ” I will bite your heart and run away like a cat”, then she suddenly dances like a cat. Wow. So hot. When i first heard the song, i thought it was some kind of trouble related to Mafia or what, but when you understand and listen to the lyrics properly, it’s really some kind of trouble with sexiness and mystery, especially in the end.

The dance was fascinating. So sexy and seductive. This just told me that you don’t really have to wear sexy outfits to look sexy. It’s on how you act, and for Hyunseung, it’s on the sexy attitude that he has.

With regards to the music video, i give it 3 and a half muffins ( 3 and a half stars). It was good, it was sexy, it was cool, it was mysterious, but it’s story did not really make sense to me. Let’s say that they killed each other in the end, caused trouble on each other in the middle part, but why? How did it start? And what are they? Spies? Police chasing a criminal? Gangsters? Ex-lovers? (Oh my. What a morbid way to end a relationship.)

I also felt awkward with the scenes where Hyunseung and Hyuna were singing on awesome chairs. It looked unfair. Hyunseung was singing there with two hot ladies dancing behind him while Hyuna was singing there with… a cat? Say what? For a lady as hot as Hyuna, she deserves to have male servants dancing around her. Come on. WTF?

And then, if they are trying to destroy each other, how did Hyunseung got into Hyuna’s room and discovered those wiretapping things the hot lady is using? ( This is my cousin’s comment. He just loved interrupting.)

But the scene in the music video that i like the most is when Hyuna pushed Hyunseung back and she was flirting and seducing him, but actually she was just trying to set up her plan of killing him. When she started burning Hyunseung, she thought her plan was done, but then the guy pulls out a gun and the music video ends with a loud gun shot. Awesome. It’s just so cool in the end. And Hyunseung looked so hot amidst that fire around him. Hahaha…

But still, i wasn’t disappointed with the song. It was so awesome and sexy and cool that i just can’t stop liking it.

I was in trouble when i listened to it. It caused me real trouble.

I’m in trou-o-o-o-ble… Trouble! Trou- troublemaker!


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