MAMA in the Philippines in 2014

MAMA in the Philippines in 2014


This is really crazy! MAMA is going to be in our country!

-crying tears of happiness and get a water dispenser bottle-

i’m gonna start saving money…


10 thoughts on “MAMA in the Philippines in 2014

    1. littlepigrabbit says:

      i don’t know. but for sure it is going to be really really expensive. just imagine how expensive the tickets were for the The Kpop Fantasy Concert.
      I hope it’s gonna be budget-friendly. Better if it’s not expensive.

  1. Ghia Buendia says:

    Is this serious? Omoooooooo! How much kaya ‘to? I hope that it’s not that expensive! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So excited for 2014 ! 1 year to goo, iponipon din!

  2. maypri says:

    I hope sana totoo to!!! haha…. lapit namin sa venue ng event!!! hindi na ako mag-iipon pa ng pamasahe..just the ticket nalang para sa MAMA!!!……sana totoo talaga!

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