Song Review: Park Jungmin’s ”Beautiful”

                 Park Jungmin is truly making his name bigger as a solo artist with his new song, ”Beautiful”. With his good looks, awesome vocals, and the dance steps [which includes his hip thrusts and that butt move], this song is really working me out beautifully.

                 With the song, i really like the guitar sound in the beginning, and after a few seconds, the groovy beat comes in. I also found the background vocals [ from 0:30 to 0:45 ] totally soothing, and really sounded awesome when it combined very well with Jungmin’s vocals. It sounded like retro, plus the pop sting in it, then added by that groovy beats and nice sound of the guitar [ and the whistle sounds on the second verse that reminded me of Hyuna and Hyunseung’s Trouble Maker ]. The song really had a good vibe that will really send your body moving with the beat. The electronic sound [ from 2:29 to 2:57 ] was really cool, and had this robotic vibe in it. I never imagined how flawless it sounded— the transition from that retropop sound with the guitar and the beats of all that sort, to that robotic and electronic sound. Then just after Jungmin belted, the music [ from 2:58 to 3:04 ] was nice as it switches back smoothly to the retro sound aided by Jungmin’s fascinating vocals.

I have no doubts on Jungmin’s vocal prowess. His voice really sounded so confident and sexy. His voice suited the song and the music that gave more life to it. His voice has some attitude, and he sounded like his own voice was acting for him. Even the talking part within the song [ from 1:21 to 1:26 ] really sounded sexy and cool. It was like he was flirting with the listener’s ears, and this ”flirting” was given more admiration with his dance.

About his dance steps, i think he is trying to play with the boundary between the sexy dance step and the cool dance steps we usually see with the usual Kpop groups. But what really got my attention is his frequent hip thrusting and his butt dance. The hip thrusting he was doing is really adorable and sexy at the same time, [ i want it to be a GIF actually ]. He was oozing with sexiness and confidence as he dances. I fell in love with that awesome butt move in 2:21 to 2:26 of the music video. It was so freaking adorable, but when he had this sexy expression on his face, i was like… “Oh sexy…” LOL~

With the video, hmmm… At first i really didn’t understand the plot. Well, aside from they were rehearsing a song [well, i really don’t know if they are really rehearsing ] i really didn’t get it. I also found it funny when the song started when the guitarist was picking up the guitar. I found it weird, because i think the music should have started when the guitarist strummed the guitar, NOT when he PICKED IT UP from its resting place. I also didn’t understand why they should rehearse while watching television, because i think the sound of the television [ and the girl in the tv] will distract them. And with the black and white scene, i think Jungmin should’ve dressed like his musicians. Everybody was wearing eyeglasses and he is wearing… SHADES. I didn’t get it, honestly. And then, there he is coming out of the theater house or whatever you call it, and then his musicians are outside, playing music for him. But aren’t they supposed to play inside that place and not outside? And those other guys who were reading some magazines… Is that serious? Magazines? Well, i know that they are dancers, but why magazines? Why not tabloids or flyers? And i really laughed at the poster found on the right part of the wall. There was a picture of a blonde woman with the name [ in bold letters ] … PRISCILLA. Who is she? Can you tell me who she is? And then on the left side there was this poster with the word ”ROCK”. I don’t know, but i thought the posters were really funny.

The part where Jungmin was with his dancers wearing those retro like outfits and with three disco balls on the place. It was really cool and cute. His charm was really vivid, and he was totally attractive. I also liked the robotic part. It was also cool. The bar was like the set of a sci-fi movie, with the dancers as robots serving drinks and dancing. It was like you’re doing a time travel through music.

In general, despite the flaws, i really liked the song. Jungmin is such a great artist and a talented performer, and even though it wasn’t as superb and jaw-dropping, the whole song and video was really good.

“You are my moonlight, i’ll be your sun…”

Two thumbs up, Park Jungmin.  :]


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