Song Review: B1A4’s ”Tried To Walk”

With B1A4’s ”Tried to Walk”, you will feel the pain of a person who’s broken hearted, someone who’s trying to move on, someone trying to walk way from the past even though he is still hurting.

I’m not really a BANA ( the name of B1A4’s fan club), but i really liked this song. Well, not to the highest, but it was passive. It was cool, with such nice beats my ear loves. I also found their skills very proficient, and the video wasn’t the type of video that will make you go like, ”ASDFGHJKL IT’S B1A4 ASDDFFGJ TYT!” But overall, the song was nice, and wasn’t depressing and disgusting like other videos that are released at present.

With the lyrics, the words are purely related to a broken heart and the pain of a person who is trying to end a failed relationship and his perseverance to move on, forget the past, and start a new life of being alone. As usual, it’s all about love, but it’s sister, which is pain.

With the song in general, their voices are really good. It wasn’t really about the high notes or the super edited voices we usually hear on the USUAL Kpop songs. It sounded so fresh and new. I was used to that cutesy songs, or that slightly depressing sound full of darkness and electric thingy with crazy beats. This song is like a cup of tea, relaxing because of the melancholy that filled the song. But still there’s this undeniable kick in it that will bring you back to your senses and make you hum the melody. While some songs were nothing but NOISE, this is undeniably different.

And i really appreciated B1A4 for having a song like this. Unlike their previous singles like ”Beautiful Target”, and ”Baby Goodnight” [ i personally love this effin’ cute song and i don’t care if it’s about them being playboys by night ], this ”Tried to Walk” is like a new dish to me. New to the ears, but still has this B1A4 taste, thanks to Baro’s rapping whose voice started to remind me of T.O.P.’s voice. LOL

About the video, i could only say it’s cute. I don’t want to say it’s awesome and cool because with the looks of it, it’s not really awesome and cool. Somehow, i really liked how princely they all looked, MINUS those disgusting turtlenecks and those glitter on their dresses that i don’t really understand. The sets of their videos were nothing but beautiful, especially that one with the white background. But i want to kill the stylists for making them look like.. i don’t know. I really don’t know.

But i still really liked the fact that B1A4 got out of the zone where they are wearing super colorful outfits while dancing and singing on outrageous backgrounds. Now they’re having a serious aura, away from that cutesy cutesy blah blahs they were once known for. The scenery looked so ethereal and they all looked so princely. It wasn’t really like an eyesore, and it looked so new and calm to my eyes.

All in all, i shall give it to B1A4, the video is really fantastic. The concept, the song, the voices, and the video was really good. It’s really a good and nice video swimming amidst those dark-themed videos.

Great job, B1A4!!!


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