Song Review: Juniel’s ”Bad Man”

I’m not really a fan of Juniel, but i just think that she’s one rising star we should watch out for. In this era where Kpop has always been all about the vibrant and alive music plus the synchronized dance steps and the fierceness or cuteness of the idols, Juniel came out with her angelic voice and untapped talent in playing the guitar. In my opinion, Juniel emerging as an acoustic artist singing mellow songs will be hard for she will be swimming in a vast sea full of idols acting cute or fierce. But she was able to conquer it, and is now making her name big.





Now let’s talk about the song. ”Bad Man” truly emphasized her singing prowess. Compared to ”Illa Illa”, i liked this song better. The vivid guitar sounds was still there, the mellow beat, the heart-melting lyircs, the distinct and genuine emotion, and the irresistible charm. With this song, i shall say that Juniel is really talented. The transitions from the fast verses to the slow verses while singing and the earcandy melody was really there, plus Juniel’s voice… It was really awesome. When i listen to this song, i feel like an nagel is seranading my ear. I really liked the song that i kept on listening to it before sleeping.





Though the song wasn’t that much of the kind that will make you go loco, the song was totally full of heart, including the lyrics which will make you go sentimental and touch your heart. In my opinion, i can see Juniel as the Taylor Swift of South Korea, but she still has to prove it more.

If not Korea’s T- Swift, some fans just love comparing her to IU, which i don’t think isn’t right. I noticed that they have different genres in singing so i don’t thinking the fans should make these two female singers fight. Well, i understand that the fans just can’t help making a comparison since they’re two female solo artists and both are making big names in the Kpop industry of this generation. I’m just hoping that the ”competition” will be healthy for the two of them. Both are talented and pretty, so it’s gonna be really tough to see who’s better.





But still, though i’m not a fan of Juniel, i liked the song. It sounded so soft and mellow in the ears, and is totally different from the usual Kpop sound our senses perceive.




Spread the love, Juniel! Fighting!


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