Song Review: TVXQ’s ”Humanoids”

The Rising Gods of The East, TVXQ (or Dong Bang Shin Ki, simply DBSK) are here again after the success of the single, ”Catch Me” with the song, ”Humanoids”. Surely the Cassiopeias are all rejoicing for this after the duo unit came back from their hiatus ( which was once a five-member group before Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong, collectively known as JYJ, left the band. But now it has been confirmed that the rumors that having the group back as 5 again will never be possible, since the two parties agreed to let go of the lawsuit, thus, SM Entertainment and JYJ will not interfere each others activities. Too sad. ) . But the fact that TVXQ still remain the as ”kings” in the Kpop industry is really fascinating. The departure of the three past members really shocked everybody and made TVXQ somehow, a little weak, but after releasing ”Keep Your Head Down” as a duo (composed of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin), it seems like TVXQ isn’t really halter from making amazing music and overwhelming the Kpop fans with their talent.

In regards with their song, ”Humanoids”, i really can’t decide which is better: ”Humanoids” or ”Catch Me”. both songs are really good, mixed with the synchronized yet complicated dance steps and the undeniable vocal prowess of the two males. But still, i can’t help feeling depressed about it. Ever since ”Keep Your Head Down”, the concept of the videos are always dark and serious. First, on the song i just mentioned, most of the backgrounds are dark and angsty. Same with ”Catch Me”, and then ”Humanoids”. I guess, TVXQ is really linked with one of the commonly used formulas in making music videos in the Kpop industry. If it’s not that cute video with pastel colors and neon lights and full of brightness and vibrance everywhere (plus the overflowing ”aegyo”), then it is going to be that serious, dark, and tense atmosphere. But what made TVXQ stand out, i guess, aside from the name they built years ago when they debuted, is of course, the undeniable talent Yunho and Changmin has.

Now, let’s go to the song. The title ”Humanoids” is really nice. And because humanoids are related to robotics and technology and all, we all expect this to sound electronic with a lot of autotune sounds and the synthesized voices. I thought it was the usual electropop song, but i was wrong. I was really fascinated to hear the electric guitar sound aiding the dancy beats in the introduction. Then, the robotic sounds and the awesome music behind those vocals were absolutely awesome.  And i also found their voices really sexy. Absolutely.


With the dance, there’s no way i can criticize this one. The dance stepd were very awesome and highly synchronized. It’s the type of dance step which is really not danceabele, especially if you aren’t really THAT much of a dancer. It’s not like the other songs that you can happily dance to like ”Bonamana” or ”Sorry Sorry” both by Super Junior. But the dance routines in ”Humanoids” are nothing but fascinating. And by the way… I like that ”rowing man” dance in 1:01 to 1:06.

But still, i just want to stop being so nice and start being frank. In some parts of the video, the two guys were wearing orange and green (correct me, because i’m slightly color-blind) in a white background, and blue and yellow in the dark background.I don’t know if that was only done for them to stand out among those other dancers with them in the video or the wardrobe choice was just weird.

In the video, i could hear the loud screams of people after Changmin shouted ”Everybody make some noise!” (which was well said). But, i didn’t even see a SINGLE person clapping or screaming. WTH. Are those ghosts? I thought this is related to humanoids. Humanoids. Not ghosts.

I also wonder why Changmin didn’t freak out when those large metals are floating around him. He was walking like there wasn’t a thing happening. From 1:08 to 1:12, Changmin was just walking around, looking at the floating metals in fascination, then looks at the gold thingy on his hand. Doesn’t he even realize that he may have the power of telekinesis? Tsk. He might be competing for Luhan’s position.

And then there was this scene that when Changmin held that gold thing tighter, he vanished ( Hmmm… Kai’s teleportation skills. TVXQ stealing EXO’s powers! ) then appeared right behind Yunho who was holding his own gold thing. Then they let those things fall on the ground. And then? I didn’t get it. If Changmin was able to vanish with that thing in his hand, what can Yunho do? Watch the black metals float in the air?

And then in the end of the video, the metals were slowly going into their own places and forms metal boxes that form a structure and Yunho and Changmin is STILL STANDING, DOING NOTHING EXCEPT TO WATCH. What the heck is the meaning of the video? Yes, it looked cool, but i didn’t understand that. They don’t even look like humanoids, but humans acting like humanoids.

The lyrics were fine. I’m actually fine with it. But the English was kind of depressing. Though the parts ”It’s time”, ”It’s the future”, and ”Everybody make some noise” were well said, if you listen carefully, you’ll find the english lyrics funny. For a while the part in the chorus, ” ‘Cause we are humanoids...” sounded like ” ‘Cause we are HUMAN NOISE…” to me. And wait… What does HUMAN NOISE refer to? What noise? Farting? Burping? Sneeze? Cough? Kidding. But well, that’s just my opinion. Then the word ”scenario” was pronounced as ”si-na-ri-o’‘. Then the wordwas turned to be ”u-to-pi-a-ro” It’s just the same with Super Junior’s ”Spy” with Kyuhyun’s ”ha-i-ra-i-teu” (highlight) and Eunhyuk’s ”gol-deu-fin-geu-reul” (goldfinger).

But in the end, TVXQ got me singing like crazy. The song was awesome, cool, and catchy.

And yes, these two humanoids caught me.

Heads down, TVXQ!!


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