In Focus: EXO’s Special Powers

EXO. They released tons of nonsense teasers and two EPIC prologue songs. And after ”What is Love?” and ”History”… Their debut song ”Mama” came out of the blue. And with its unique and cool tune, Kpop fans loved it.

In the mv of ”Mama”, we all saw their untapped talent, drooled over their cool outfits, became depressed on imitating their undenianbly complicated choreography, and was in awe with the scenes and backgrounds of the video in general. [and the special effects were asdfghjkl ]

But let’s admit it. The fact that EXO has powers and the movie-like introduction of the mv with a man speaking English (but the pronunciation was awful i can’t even understand anything but a few words) can be described in two words. Cool and epic. [I know that’s three words now. XD] At first you will find the video so ASDFGHJKL #$%$^%&$#@ awesome. But slowly, you will find their powers a little totally hilarious.

layMAMA                                                  Lay - healing


Power: Healing

He didn’t heal that flower. The flower was dead. So he didn’t heal it. He turned it back it to life. All this time we’ve been believing that Lay could heal, but it’s a shocking thing to know that he’s more powerful than what we could imagine.

luhanMAMA                                          Luhan - telepathy


Power: Telekinesis

Telekinesis? But he looks like he’s just playing with those weird-looking dark-colored balls. I think he’s just attempting to juggle balls and be a part of the circus to hide his real identity. Just kidding. But i think his power is really cool. But i think he should have used that power on the car that you will see in D.O.’s scene. If he lifts that car, then it’s telekinesis!



Xiumin - ice


Power: Frost

Because of his power, Xiumin will have a great job in the future even if he quits EXO. He can be a supplier of ice. Or maybe, a manufacturer of air conditioners, air coolers, and of course, refrigerators. Proof? You’ve seen in the video that he turned the whole room into a froster place. He should use his power for business, not for playtime.

chenMAMA                                                           Chen - lightning


Power: Lightning

I admit. Chen is really powerful, but not really that useful. He should really team up with Suho [water], Sehun [air], and THUNDER from MBLAQ. They can really make a good quartet. Believe me. You know what they’re gonna be called?


taoMAMA                                          Tao - time


Power: Time Control

Can he really control time or he just can control rose petals? That’s what all he did (aside from his awesome fight scenes). And he can ONLY control the petals, not the whole flower! And to avoid shame, he just remained silent and acted like nothing happened and pretended that it’s just part of his act. And his butterfly… His butterfly likes Sehun more than him. Kidding.



Kris - flight


Power: Flight

Duh. Did he really fly? He looked like he was really attempting to do suicide on top of that building and then when he fell, he accidentally discovered his super power. Well, good for him. At least he discovered that power in perfect time. Am i right?

Now with EXO-K….



Kai - teleportation


Power: Teleportation

He’s teleporting for fun. What a waste of power. He pops somewhere to pester other members and then disappears to escape their anger. But still, Kai is undeniably thoughtfui. Why? He shared his power with his labelmates, TVXQ. Yunho and Changmin did teleport in their mv of ”Humanoids”. And i’m sure that’s because of Kai’s generosity.

chanyeolMAMA                                        Chanyeol - flame


Power: Fire

Fire on his shoes. On his hands. Everywhere. Instead of being cool, he turned to be walking disaster-slash-fireman’s enemy. Who knows? He might burn the country? The continent? The world? He can be a threat to human race, so disappointing.




Power: Light

He’s a walking lamp. He is only gonna be useful when the sun ,the moon, the stars, and the fluorescent lights are gone. He’s gonna use the light all by himself and were gonna be benefited by this power of his. Isn’t that selfish? For me it’s really unfair!


D.O - earth


Power: Earth

Is it really Earth? Or he’s just breaking pavements and roads? He should have focused on plants and animals. It’s also a part of the earth, right? Land is not just earth. Also the people!!! D.O. should know that too!

sehunMAMA                                                Sehun - wind


Power: Air

Air? I thought it was sand. All i saw was sand. And who knows… Maybe he is really Spiderman’s enemy—– Sandman. And why the heck was he just sitting on the chair placed in the middle of nowhere? And Tao’s butterfly even went to him. LOL WHUT?????

suhoMAMA                                          Suho - water


Power: Water

It’s like he bends water, yes. But maybe it’s better if he plays water outside. Like the ocean or the river. Because you know, if he stays inside the room, he looks like he’s using the water from the TOILET BOWL to show his power of water.



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