Song Review: Girls’ Generation’s ”I Got A Boy”

I honestly didn’t like the song. Sorry Sones, but i think their other songs are better than this [i’m also a Sone, but for me i think ”The Boys” is better than this.] But i would really have to say that their dance is better than their previous songs. It looked fresh and cool. It is really new to see them dance that way. Something we seldomly see from them. They became more edgy, tougher, and undeniably chic. But with the song, i was a little disappointed.



When i first saw the teasers, especially their dance teaser, i was really expecting that the whole song was generally as catchy as that [though some parts of the song sounded a little of G-Dragon’s ”Crayon”. I saw a video in Youtube fusing the ”I Got A Boy” teaser and ”Crayon” and it was really cool and funny and witty]. But i was wrong. It started with a (lame) rap, then sounded cute, then changed again. It changes and changes and it confused me so much. I EVEN THOUGHT I WAS JUST LISTENING TO A MEDLEY. Some parts really sounded great, some were the opposite.



The dance was now more complicated compared to the other dances SNSD had before.This choreography was something new, and i loved this transformation. Though it’s not the type that we can dance to [like ”Genie” or ”Run Devil Run”] , this is one of their best dance routines i’ve seen.



And the video was really, really colorful. It was an explosion of a volcano full of colorful lava. And honestly, i can hardly concentrate on their dance and faces. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just because of my eye problems. The set is cool, the wardrobe is very chic and stylish, but there’s so much color and vibrance i can hardly focus.



I guess the reason why SNSD’s  mv of ”I Got A Boy” got a million views in just one day is because of the consistent promotion. Two adorable teasers, cool teaser pictures, and a comeback story video of each member. Now who wouldn’t be excited about the ”I Got A Boy” release?



In general, ”I Got A Boy” was full of color, had a confusing melody, and a fantastic choreography. It’s just a few days after their release and their rocking the Youtube views counter.



Way to go SNSD!!!





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