In Focus: VIXX’ Ken



Real Name : Lee Jae Hwan
Stage Name : Ken
Birth Date : 6 April 1992
Blood Type : AB
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Position Group : Main Vocalist



Though i shall say that Hongbin and Leo are the most good-looking (in my opinion), Ken’s looks are the most distinct, making him one of the easiest to identify in VIXX. He doesn’t look like the cute Korean guy, and neither the super duper hot Korean debonair. Actually, he’s in between the two. He doesn’t look like a handsome god or may look androgynous like the others, but he is undeniably attractive.


His awesome tall height ( he’s really tall )is one big factor. His facial feautres makes him really masculine, but when he smiles, his adorable side appears.


I also want to mention his hair in their debut song, ”Superhero”.


I shall say the hairdo looks normal for most Kpop male idols, but the hairdo made him distinuishable. Hongbin had long hair, Ravis had read, and then Ken had the bush hair. I actually found it hard to recognize the other members. I guess the hairstyle really mattered here.

And all of a sudden Ken’s bush hair disappeared!


I felt a little disappointed with that, because right in his bush hair he produces handmade hearts.

Oh, and by the way, in my opinion he looks a little of Lee Dong Wook. Whaddayathink?



I can’t imagine Ken having a very vibrant hair color. For me, he is the guy who would really look weird in red, blue, green, or any bright color. He looks better with neutrals.

His looks are also deceiving. When i first saw VIXX, i thought Ken was a serious guy. BUT I WAS TOTALLY MISTAKEN. I blame his totally masculine looks.

And now, Ken looks hot in his recent pics of their song, ”On and On”.



Ken has a VERY GOOD singing voice. I’m not saying that he’s the best, or  better than somebody else. But i really love how his voice sounds. It’s not irritating to listen to, and it sounds really nice. I love repeating his parts in their songs. LOL

He’s not really the most superb dancer, but it’s ok, because he really sings well, so it all pays off. I hope we can get to see him rap, though. It sounds interesting. I’m just curious. Maybe he’s good at something else too, and maybe that’s rappin. We’ll never know. What if he tries exchanging positions with Ravi?

Just kidding.


He does the lamest jokes. I know and i agree with anybody who says that his jokes are lame. But his jokes are so lame it becomes funny. Ironic? No. The joke he released maybe really nonsense, but the reactions of the people who were there to see him crack a ”funny” joke are totally EPIC. And that’s the thing that makes him really funny.

But seriously, Ken’s personality is something i really want to emphasize. Among all the members of VIXX, i can honestly say that he sets the mood of everybody. He is very talkative. N, the leader of the group, may be a real noisy person, but i think Ken is a million {no, a zillion} times more of a chatterbox compared to N. He talks a lot, and he exerts effort to keep everybody jolly. Everytime you watch him crack some jokes, you can never avoid smiling.

He also does the weirdest antics. I once saw him in ”Behind the Show” and he just can’t stop ”shooting” fake guns to the audience, impersonating people [i remember one. Kim Gunmo? I’m not sure though.], and smiling. If you can’t tolerate that kind of attitude, you would really love to keep him in a box or place some tape on his mouth to stop him. But even though it’s weird, it’s still adorable.

One weird deed is when he was trying to impersonate a MOSQUITO. It was really awkward because i really did not understand what he was doing until he revealed he was actually impersonating a mosquito. It even took me some more minutes before i accepted that what he was impersonating was really mosquito.

But the lamest and yet the cutest antic he does are those hearts he makes out of his bush hair. When i watched VIXX in Studio C hosted by Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and Shorry J and BTOB’s Eunkwang, i just can’t stop laughing at everything he does. He looks crazy and weird as he made the ”hearts” from his hair and the other members of VIXX and the hosts’ reactions were totally awkward. I’m just happy that even the bush hair is gone, he still makes hearts with his magical hands and with overflowing concentration.

For me, Ken’s attitude is really unique and genuine. And though he frequently shows his imperfect side, i still like him the way he is, and i’m hoping that he will never change as he evolves as a person and an idol ,and VIXX as they grow and mature as a group.


Hey wait. These are some gifs and photos i found in the web. THESE ARE NOT MINE. I just found these on some sites while surfing the internet.












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