Song Review: Super Junior-M’s ”Break Down”

It’s a little boring. Compared to the electronic sound explosion of ”Perfection”, this is a little lighter and not like a @#$#%$%& boomshakalaka song for me. The first part where Henry was singing then followed by Donghae sounded so lame. I just think that starting such a nice song with a rap doesn’t really sound good.





But frankly, i liked the chorus of the song. It sounded so cool and refreshing at the same time. It’s not the type of song that’s gonna destroy your eardrums because of the nice. It’s a little laid back and chilly. I even thought it sounded one American song i heard before. Well i’m not sure though.





With the dance, i think it’s not as strenuous or as viral as the other dances, but this one is also good. The not-so-good part here is the fact that our dearest Siwon is absent in the dance. It is understood that he is still busy with his drama, but it still feels incomplete. Hangeng left, so i think SuJu-M should strive hard to fill Hangeng’s absence in the group. Sungmin and Eunhyuk aren’t failures as new members, but i just want to stress that as a group i think any member shouldn’t be absent in filming mvs. That’s why you’re a group, right?




With the lyrics. Hmm… I already read its English translation and it’s passive. I just don’t get the connection between the lyrics and the title, ”Break Down”. Ok. The first wise guess is maybe because the term ”break down” is one of the English lines frequently repeated in the song. Haha. Not so obvious isn’t it?




But honestly, i really loved the clothes. It looked so cool. And Siwon is sooooooo princely. Oh goodness. Their new hairdos are awesome yet awkward at the same time. Actually, because of their looks in ”Break Down”, i think Zhoumi was the most good-looking, next is Siwon, then Wookie, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Henry, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk [that doesn’t mean that i don’t like him]. That’s just what i thought.




Thanks to this good laid-back song, and Super Junior M is sure to BREAK IT DOWN!!!






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