Song Review: Boyfriend’s ”I Yah”

This song may not be as cute as their previous songs, and not as heavy as ”Janus”, but it’s still nice, though not really appealing in my opinion.




The sound of ”I Yah” was really groovy. It was generally nice, but not the type of song that is really cool or freaking awesome. Just nice. I just didn’t find these guys’ magic with the song. They all have nice vocals here, but i’m really sorry… I just can’t appreciate the song. I liked ”Boyfriend” and ”Janus”, but i just can’t fall for ” I Yah”.




But despite of this disappointment that i feel for the song, the dance was really freaking cool. I already watched their dance video for the song and i shall say that their dancing skills found its undeniable luster. They really looked cool, and really danced synchronizedly. And i thought Minwoo looked really awesome and cute at the first parts of their mv. I don’t know. He just captured my eye. I always thought he was the most adorable, and he will always be.




And the story in the mv was really cute. I just didn’t understand what it is really about. Well, we can see that it’s related to schoo life stories, and i really tried to understand the whole plot. Maybe i’m just stupid, or i just didn’t like the mv, but i really didn’t get it. Ok. Maybe my senses and soul isn’t there when i watched and studied the mv.




But still, kudos to Boyfriend for releasing two successful and nice songs. Though for me ”Janus” is still freaking [ way way better ], i hope this anticipated boy group will give us good music and eyecandy.




Go for gold, BOYFRIEND!!!






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