Song Review: VIXX’ ”On and On”




I have to say… I really love the whole existence of this video. The song sounded so epic that when i listen to it i feel like i’m a cool person. Seriously, when i listen to ”On and On” my confidence boosts up and it’s really funny. But i really loved this song so much i can’t get it off my head.

I like how it sounded. I really loved the growl of a wolf on the first few seconds of the song. It doesn’t sound loud to hurt the ears, or sound so mellow to be boring to listen to. It has a nice mix of electronic sounds, the beat, the special sound effects that brings more mystery to it, and the other tones present in the song.

Added by their vocals, especially Leo’s, the song hit me. It was a fantastic song to listen to. And the part, ” I need to therapy…” was really catchy. Ravi’s rapping was so freaking cool. And N and Ken and Hyuk’s performances were also remarkable.

With the video, the part where they were all emerging from a door with chains in their hands was awesome. So angsty.
I don’t really get the story of the mv though. It started with an explosion scene, then the boys of VIXX entered, they were placed in rockets or capsules or whatever and then the woman used a device to look at a stunning lady tied in a tree and then the capsules were released. When they reached their destination, they were dancing and singing to ”On and On”. LOL I also don’t understand if they’re zombies, or monsters, or ghouls, or aliens, or what. But for sure they aren’t humans. Period.

They’re also freaking conservative. When they were inside their space capsules they were all nothing [i hope so] and when they crashed on the planet they emerged from those capsules… FULLY CLOTHED. WTH. I mean, how were they able to dress up that easy as their capsules were crashing down. Wow. Maybe it’s included in their abilities as ”special” beings [i prefer to call them special beings because i just can’t figure out what creatures are they].

I love their dance step on the line ”I need therapy… Lalalalala therapy…” They’re like sexy zombies. VIXX never failed me with their catchy dance steps, and now they showed us tougher and serious type of dance that are as cool and catchy as ”Superhero” and ”Rock Ur Body” but pushed through the limits of cuteness. They’re men now, i shall say. They were always men, but now they look even more manly in their dance.

Well, i still hope this i going to be start of VIXX’ rise as a group. They have what it takes to be the best idol group, and with the support of their fans, named STARLIGHT, i know that their journey is still long, and such success will await them.

You’re my therapy VIXX!!


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