Song Review: B.A.P.’s ”One Shot”

This music video is one of the best i’ve ever seen.

I don’t have any bad comments about the song. In fact, it was absolutely fantastic. The music was really tough, really cool, so hardcore. The rap of Yongguk sounded so awesome. It was so raspy and sexy, and it was also very distinct. He is one of these rappers who have unique voices. He is so awesome. Then here goes Himchan with his nice verse in the song. And i jsut don’t know why, but i just love the way Himchan sings the word ‘one shot’. I feel so addicted listening to his part for an unknown reason.As usual, Daehyun and Youngjae were always fantastic when it comes to powere vocals. The chorus sounded so epic. Jongup, though his vocals weren’t really that good, he still did well, and his dance was exceptional. Really exceptional. And Zelo… My dear Baby Zelo. Why does he have to rap so fast and awesome as that? My goodness. He looks so cute but when he raps he turns into a different person.

With the dance of this video, i shall say that a two-thumbs up is not enough. Or even five stars. The dance was so strenuous and angsty and tough. But i just really love watching Jongup dance. I mean, he is such a skilled dancer. Let’s admit it, even though he’s not that good as a singer compared to Daehyun and Youngjae, but he is such a fantastic dancer. And Zelo and that dance he did when he started singing his rap… Oh my… He looked like an earthworm showered with salt. Just kidding.

With the video. Hmmm, well for me the start where they were all on a yacht [this part was shot in the Philippines] has nothing to do with the other parts of the mv. Removing that yacht part, the music video will still go on. It’s so useless there. The part where they were walking with a helicopter behind looked so cool.

Then the scene where Jongup was hit by this fatso with a metal cylinder was actually funny. Jongup is so weak. He immediately lost consciousness when he was hit. Duh. That was just a minor hit then he fainted that fast? My God. The fat guy threw them a USB and flew away and Yongguk just watched them leave without fighting back. If i were Yongguk and my friend was hit like that, i wouldn’t stop following until i give them this wild goddamn fight and defeat and pain they absolutely deserve. But Yongguk just did nothing and just watched those guys leave.

And then there was this scene and everybody looks so devastated and all of a sudden Zelo comes up with the USB and gives it to Yongguk. What the heck. Yongguk was the one who got the USB but Zelo was now the one holding it. And if not for Zelo, they will not check what’s inside that device and they won’t discover that Youngjae is in trouble. I therefore announce that Zelo is a saviour!

Next is the scene with Zelo and Yongguk in it while walking the roads of Manila with the jeepneys [and the pollution] around them and Zel walk while holding a CAMERA. What the heck is he gonna use it for? It’s like he’s not even helping to look for Youngjae. Why use a camera? What for? Yongguk looks serious looking for Youngjae and Zelo follows behind holding a camera, probably planning to take a selca.

And in one part of the mv, Yongguk kissed the crucifix he has, making him so God-fearing. For some reason, i noticed that it went well with the video. The mv was really violent and angsty, and they were using illegal deeds to save Youngjae, such as stealing to get ransom money, using guns, but still, they trust in God. No matter what happens to them, God is just behind.

When the boys stole money, it was really funny to watch Daehyun and Jongup nod at each other before getting the bags of money. I don’t know why, but i just can’t help laughing everytime i repeat that part. They look funny and cute at the same time. I loved the part when Himchan toyed with the money they have. It was a bundle of money and Himchan looked like a badass thief while the others looked so worried and nervous. Zelo looked like a kid there, he looked like a juvenile delinquent.

One of the parts that hit my heart the most was when Youngjae was released, but the bad goons still shot him. He was already looking relieved as he walked to Yongguk, and when he felt that he was shot, his face looked blank, and Yongguk’s expression was very epic. I shall say that these guys, especially Youngjae, really does good in acting.

I don’t know if who it was, but when there was guns firing all over, somebody behind Yongguk [it’s maybe Zelo or Daehyun] was just standing and looking around without even getting fired by the guns. Man of steel,huh. And Daehyun really looked so agressive when he walked with a gun in his hand and fired at the goons.

But for me. the wisest fighter was Jongup. He was hidden and was waiting for his turn to hit. He was all safe behind that thing, but when he went out of his hiding place, he ended up the same fate with the others. So fun.

But still the amazing fact in this video is the truth that it has two endings. Just when we thought it was all done, the twist arrives, where Youngjae was actually a cop and everything just went on with his plan and he was able to arrest the goons and Yongguk’s group with his acting. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. And Yongguk’s betrayed look—– SO AWESOME.

This video is one of the best, and i hope B.A.P. is going to continue making songs and mvs as cool and hardcore as this.

Go B.A.P.!


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