Song Review: SHINee’s ”Dream Girl”

SHINee’s back with their new single in their 3rd full-length album, ”Dream Girl”. The song and video were both nice, the choreography was so damn fantastic, but i think it didn’t really emerge like an explosion.

I actually loved the verses of the song, especially Key’s part. It sounded so funky and cool. I also love Taemin’s high notes, and finally, Minho has LONGER SINGING PARTS. Finally. But i still don’t like his rapping. I shall say Key does it better in rapping.

And the chorus, i’m sorry, but i found it a little boring. It almost sounds like ”Dazzling Girl”, and i’m tired listening to it. I just found the line, ”Dream Girl” very catchy, and that’s all.

But i honestly like Jonghyun’s adlib counterpointing with he last chorus. It was absolutely fantastic. I hope they made that part a little louder though. In contrast with my likeness of Jonghyun’s voice, i didn’t really like Minho’s rap. Ok, i guess his rap has improved. It sounded faster, but it wasn’t the best. Compared to Yongguk, Zelo, and other rappers, i shall say that Minho will not match their skills.

With the music video, i guess it was a little to vibrant. Actually, i was expecting a more mature video from SHINee/ All of them are now of age. I guess SM wants their talents to stick to this dreamy boys and aegyoing guys. It so boring. Not that i want them to show some more skin, but i want them to show to everybody that they are not just growing as persons, but also as a group and as individual performers.

There are also 10 things i noticed in the mv.

1. Nightmare Girl

The title says ”Dream Girl”, so they should be dreaming about their dream girls and look happy and enjoying in their sleep. But they all look like they’re all having nightmares.

2. Gravity with an on and off switch

What’s the reason why Onew keeps on falling on the floor and floating off of it? Manipulated gravity?

3. Can Afford Suits But Can’t Buy Pajamas

This is the first time i’ve seen persons sleeping with their suits or their cool outfits on. I mean, SMEnt can affors these cool rooms and cool outfits but can’t even buy a single pair of pajamas for SHINee? How rude.

4. A Nice House Without Furnitures

When you have a home, make sure you’ve got furniture to place. But for SHINee, it’s not the case. All they have is a bed and no other furnitures. They made their whole home a huge bedroom.

5. Dancing With Mops, Not Microphone Stands

To complete their first day on their home, they should have danced with mops, so that as they dance and sing, they cleaning the whole place. Multi-tasking. That’s it.

6. WTF Glamorous Ladder

That ladder is effin’ useless. They don’t need that to reach the painting because they’re all tall enough. And Taemin is just sitting on it. I mean, what the heck?

7. Kaleidoscope World

And what’s with the kaleidoscope-with-a-trampoline-at-the-bottom scene in black and white? Is it a part of their dream on their dream girl? Or is it a nightmare?

8. One Bed, Five Guys [Taemin is a Cheater]

And the bed they all used were all the same. All with one pillow except for Taemin who got two pillows. Ahhh.. So fun to be the maknae. XD

9. Recycling for Mother Earth

The green room where SHINee was dancing is the room where the bed is placed. They just made the bed stand on the brown wall to make it look like the room floor is brown, but it actually the wall. Recycling?

10. WTH

Dream Girls should appear in dreams. NOT IN PAINTINGS.

P.S. It actually sounded like VIXX’s ”On and On”. Try listening to it and you will find that it sounds a little a like. XD

Well, that’s all i could say with SHINee’s ”Dream Girl”. It was a nice, funky song. But how i wish SHINee could show us more of their mature side.


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